#truLondon Track Schedule – 2021

a multitude of discussion tracks throughout the day
Time Slot Track Title Track Leader
10-10.15 Breakfast
10.15 – 10.30 Welcome Bill Boorman
10.30-11.05 Learning how to fly – Resilience in the Covid Age Roland Chesters
10.30-11.05 Time to bin the CV David Savage
10.30-11.05 How to make your tech stack stick together Cinzia Ricciardone
10.30-11.05 Candidate Experience by Design Bill Fischer
11.05-11.35 Mental Health – More than an HR Policy Tash Cluskey
11.05-11.35 Is home working eroding your culture ? David Purves
11.05-11.35 Insights on Hiring Recruiters Al Frater
11.05-11.35 The story of Unseen Tours – a Social Enterprise Pete Wilson
11.35-12.10 Remote Working for Single Parents Beth Mayes
11.35-12.10 The Arthouse Project Aranzazu Perez Perdomo
11.35-12.10 Career Advise Post Covid – Leveraging experience to find the right role Phil Kell
11.35-12.10 Menopause at Work Lauren Chiren
12.10-12.45 Building Brainfood Hung Lee
12.10-12.45 Is your name ruining your life ? Name discrimination is alive and well in 2021 Hend Halim
12.10-12.45 Remote Working is the new normal The Salary Impact Darren Ellicott
12.10-12.45 Applying product management to recruitment service delivery James Mayes
12.45-1.45 Lunch
12.45-1.45 Boss in Boots Steve Pateman
12.45-1.45 Street Art Tour Steve Wilson
1.45-2.20 Creating an Entreprenurial culture in a Corporate Giant Charlotte Johns
1.45-2.20 In search of happiness – how has Covid changed what we want from work Robert Grimsey
1.45-2.20 Defending KPI,s with Data Adrian Thomas
1.45-2.20 The Big House Project -Second chances TBC
2.20-2.55 The Neurodiverse Job Seeking Experience Nikki Heyford
2.20-2.55 Discover the unbiased checklist Akeesh Kohkar
2.20-2.55 Lessons from Referrals Barney Mellors
2.20-2.55 TBC Elkie Holland
2.55-3.30 How to steal a Banksy – a true story of planning,precision and execution AK47
2.55-3.30 Why does my business lack diversity? Sonya Barlow
2.55-3.30 The BS of Meritocracy Joanne Lockwood
2.55-3.30 How inclusive is Remote working Non Gallagher
3.30-4.05 Being Jewish Martyn Redstone
3.30-4.05 A new generation of trainees – expectation v reality Salem Jule and Freddie Deacon
3.30-4.05 Radical Recruiting Emma Frievogel
3.30-4.05 What really happens when you look for a job Sherry Fuller
4.05-4.35 Compelling content on YouTube Gary Michaels
4.05-4.35 Social Mobility Dr Joanna Abeyie MBE
4.05-4.35 Our homeless journey – what we got up to during lockdown Fran Boorman
4.35 Close Bill Boorman
4.45 – 5.30 Boss in Boots Steve Pateman
4.45 – 5.30 Street Art Tour Pete Wilson
06-Jul TruLondon Stand Up Compere Gary Michaels
07-Aug The Banksy Job film live Q &A Pete Wilson


Time Slot Show and Tell
11.05 -11.35 Candidate ID
11.35 -12.10 Hackajob
12.10 -12.45 Meet and Engage
1.45 -2.20 RealLinks
2.20 -2.55 Vonq
2.55 -3.30 Smart Recruiters
3.30 – 4.05 SmartRecruit Online
4.05 – 4.35 Leo