How a Recruitment Unconference works for you

Human Resources professionals, in-house and agency recruiters, employment brand strategists and recruitment technology firms are extremely well served with industry events within the M25 area. Unfortunately the same cannot be said other regions of the UK, and especially in Scotland, where we have a particularly unique and thriving recruitment community, but seldom have the events, conferences and meetups that would be so welcome.

This is why The Recruitment Unconference (tru) has been so very popular in Scotland, and why we are hosting our third annual event in Glasgow’s Hard Rock Café on Thursday 3rd of November.

In the simplest way possible, tru events are very different to most conferences. Our unique format ensures that everyone leaves with far more information, insight, tools, and confidence to take back and apply immediately in their recruiting activities. Most conferences focus on speakers taking to a stage to present in a very traditional way to a typically un-engaged audience. However, we recognise that this audience itself has acres of expertise that they can also share, on a very wide range of recruitment topics.

In 2014 and 2015, and again in Edinburgh earlier this year, truGlasgow and truEdinburgh attracted fantastic attendees from a rich array of Scotland’s most prominent employers and professional recruitment firms – disproving the notion that it’s impossible to get recruiters in the same room as each other. Guests have included senior HR and talent acquisition practitioners from employers such as Sky, RBS, Barclays, Diageo, Vodafone, Marks and Spencer, AG Barr, and Aberdeen Asset Management. In addition, senior directors, owners and front line recruiters from Search, ASA Recruitment, Hudson, Badenoch & Clark, and many others have joined us too. You can see the relaxed nature of the truGlasgow event from the photos on our Facebook page here.

Watch our 2015 video here

So with less than 7 weeks to go, we would very much like you to add truGlasgow on the 3rd of November to your diary. Tickets are only £20, and cover the cost of the venue and lunch. I guarantee it will be the best return on investment from a recruitment event you’ll have experienced this year!

Stephen O’Donnell

truGlasgow Format

5 hourly time slots for discussion tracks.

3 concurrent discussion tracks throughout the day. These will be in the following themes.

The source lab

A series of tracks and interactive sessions sharing tips and tricks for:

> Identifying talent

> Outreach and engagement

> Cool tools and tactics

> Recruitment marketing

Hype, predictions, and disruption

Tracks designed to identify the real trends and practices that are changing the way people connect and hire, determining truth and reality. Where is digital recruiting going? What does Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, and Randstad’s purchase of Monster mean for recruiters? How will people connect with jobs and opportunities now and in the future? What happens when all data and all people are aggregated,and jobs look for people rather than people looking for jobs?

This and more will be addressed in these sessions.

Third party, agency, and RPO

This series of tracks will address the current issues and challenges facing third party recruiters going forward, from the market now to the market of the future. What will agencies look like in 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and beyond? What new models of agency and revenue generation are emerging, and what part will RPO play in the recruitment market of the future. From MSP to contingency fee, everything is open for discussion and debate.