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BillCouch480x270Thank-you for taking time out of your busy day to take a look at my bit of internet real estate. Norton Folgate: The RecruitingUnblog started as a three month project to promote the first #trulondon. Three years later it has become a permanent fixture and the center of my on-line activity. I take full responsibility for all views expressed here. They are the views of my professional and personal self because they are one in the same.

Why Norton Folgate?


Norton Folgate was a liberty within the metropolitan area of London, England, located between the Bishopsgate ward of the City of London to the south, theparish of St Leonard, Shoreditch to the north and the parish of Spitalfields to the east. It was grouped into the Whitechapel District in 1855 and, following boundary changes in the 1990s, its former area is now divided between the City of Londonand the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.[1]

Norton Folgate is close to where I was born and my family are from. An area much changed, and the venue for the flagship #TruLondon events. As a liberty, the people made their own rules, and the area was governed by the people. This sums up my views on how events should be run. By the participants for the participants. Why pay large sums to see talking heads?

The Recruiting Unblog is my blog space for posting on things I’m thinking or talking about related to Recruiting, Technology, Human Resources, Social MediaTechnology and plenty of personal stuff thrown in. It’s also the place where I post updates on what is happening with #tru events (The Recruiting Unconference) and my work with @BillBoorman. (My Company.)

I’m open to any guest blogger that wants to post. Just let me have your contact details and the topic you want to post on. I don’t censor, and welcome as many opposing views as possible. I also run occasional blog carnivals to feature other bloggers that I share a network with. Feel free to leave a link to your blog if you want to get featured in the next one.

I’m always looking for ambassadors.

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I’m very open to topics that you want to hear about.

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