#truGlasgow 17 Track Schedule

Time & Track LeadersTrack Title
Networking & Refreshments9.00 - 9.20
Welcome9.20 - 9.30
TIME SLOT9.30 - 10.15
Track 1Mary Palmer Consultant-Generated Content
Track 2Gary RobinsonThe Convergence of Dating & Recruitment Technology
Track 3Dougie Loan How Recruitment Leaders Can Future Proof Their Front Line Staff
TIME SLOT10.15 - 11.00
Track 1Billy McDiarmid GDPR
Track 2Gillian NelsonMillenial Behviours
Track 3Matt McGarvey & Steph SloanExperiential Recruitment
Break11.00 - 11.20
TIME SLOT11.20 - 12.05
Track 1Scot McRae Spearfishing
Track 2John Campbell & Iker Jusue ATS & Should IT Serve Recruiters?
Track 3Rhiannon Galloway Pre-Employment Screening
LUNCH12.05 - 13.00
TIME SLOT13.00 - 1.45
Track 1Bill Boorman Trump, Brexit and All That
Track 2Jo Grant & Steve WardTalent Attraction
Track 3Martin Lee & Iain Hamilton Recruiting, Sourcing & Chatbots on Facebook
TIME SLOT1.45 - 2.30
Track 1Alastair Blair Keep It Simple, Stupid
Track 2Fiona Beattie & Adam Gordon Making Use of Hiring Managers for Talent Attraction
Track 3George McRobbie Recruitment Process Automation
Break2.30 - 2.50
TIME SLOT2.50 - 3.35
Track 1Natasha Cluskey & Stephen O'Donnell Diversity
Track 2Wendy McDougall & Paul Dewick Recruitment Is Not A Process, It's An Experience
Track 3Matt Alder Exceptional Talent
Networking & Refreshments3.35 - 4.30